Fake IWC Portofino Blue Dial IW391019 Watch

Before introducing this Fake IWC Portofino Blue Dial IW391019 watch, let's talk about what the so-called "original list" means. The original list watch is between the original and the engraving. Generally, the appearance and workmanship are better than the replica watch factory products usually introduced. As for the movement, it is generally equipped with a movement imported from Switzerland. The case is made by a regular factory. Many are processed on behalf of genuine Swiss brand watches. Some are assembled with most of the original accessories. In short, the quality requirements are relatively high. It has strict requirements on specifications and quality control, You can also call them clones such as 1:1 Replica Watches

Today, IWC Portofino Blue Dial IW391019 Replica Watch belongs to the sports fund series, which is naturally a sports watch. Sports watches are also indispensable for chronograph functions. The three-eye chronograph dial design is sufficient to support short-term chronographs. The 12 o'clock position is a small 30-minute dial, the 12-hour chronograph dial is at 6 o'clock, and there is a small second dial at 9 o'clock. The retro-designed chronograph button is on the same side of the crown. One is used to control the start / pause of the timing, and the other resets the chronograph hands to zero. At 2 o'clock in the double calendar, there are two windows showing the date and the week.

Fake IWC Portofino Blue Dial IW391019 watch

First look at the full set: packaging, three-size labels, two high-quality nylon straps included. In terms of configuration: the original Swiss ETA7750, standard American American blue crocodile strap, these hard indicators are the same as the IWC counter.

1: 1 Replica IWC Portofino Blue Dial IW391019 Watch is very expensive and suitable for purchasing. After all, a movement has 700 usd. The main color of blue represents the hope of vulnerable children. In short, blue is more Younger, three-eye design has always been a classic element in IWC chronograph watches. The special version of blue is more special, because IWC has a blue film as standard, so the color temperature of each angle will be different. Different, let ć “ake a look at the colors in the upper and lower pictures. But in actual effect, my guarantee is much better than the picture. The light is different, the shooting environment is different, and the blue is also different.

IWC Portofino Blue Dial IW391019 Replica Watch also needs to say a few words, you can see the calendar part is completely centered, because the quality of the calendar plate is good, and the gear position of the ETA7750 is accurate. The back is also a dense bottom design, and the relief on the bottom of the table is a "moment of inspiration", a 7-year-old girl from Sri Lanka, depicting the scene of children playing on the ground. This is her work after the tsunami, which represents her grief. Standard American crocodile skin, the most expensive part of the belly, this belt can be purchased separately for 120 USD. The navy blue design, because today the light is dim, it looks black, but it is actually blue.

The cost of the movement occupies 70% of the price of the entire watch. The counter model of this watch is: 75320, which is modified using ETA7750. All the parameters are not much different from ETA7750. The 1: 1 Fake IWC Portofino Blue Dial IW391019 Watch is also loaded with the ETA7750 movement. The chronograph watch movements in the replica watches market are basically made of domestic 7750. Shock resistance is substandard. In terms of power reserve, the domestic 7750 often has the problem of stealth stop or poor dynamic storage, which is also due to the automatic chain winding efficiency is not as high as the original ETA7750.